Invitation to Alumni Event

Welcome to the first Alumni event hosted by Stevens MRS.

We are inviting four very successful alumni back to Stevens to discuss their current profession and share experience on achieving their career goals. Helen and Elizabeth (CEMS), Zhichen (CCBBME) and Wei (ME) will gladly share how they get to where they are now after graduating with a PhD from Stevens. They have been experiencing in academic or non-academic track including industry scientist, and national lab engineer. Please find our invited speakers bio below.

Please join us from 3:00pm to 5:00pm at Babbio 203 on February 22, 2013 to hear alumni discussed their professional work in the past, present and future.

Dr. Helen Lee
Dr. Lee received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Chemistry from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea in 1997. She then worked for Samsung in developing organic electroluminescent display devices (OLED) as a researcher until she moved to the US for pursuing her PhD at Materials Science and Engineering in Stevens Institute of Technology. Dr. Lee conducted her doctoral research in developing microfluidic platforms to emulate microenvironments of implant-tissue interface and studying complex interplay among host tissue, pathogens and drugs in physiologically relevant environment. After completing her PhD in 2010, she currently works at Biomedical Engineering in Columbia University as a postdoctoral research scientist conducting research on emulating T cell-APC interactions on microfabricated biological setting. Dr. Lee’s research interests include micro- and nano-scale fabrication of biological systems for cell-cell and cell-matrix signaling, as well as 3D tissue formation and their complex interactions in physiologically relevant microenvironments.

Dr. Zhichen Zhu
Zhichen Zhu received his M.S. from University of Science and Technology of China, then joined Professor Sukhishvili's lab in 2007. His research there mainly focused on the synthesis, characterization of block copolymers and hybrid nanoparticles. He obtained a PH.D degree in 2012 and now is working at Benjamin Moore & Co as Senior Scientist.

Dr. Elizabeth Lennon
Elizabeth (Liz) Lennon an alumnus of Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken graduated with her PhD in May 2011 in interdisciplinary engineering between the chemical and systems engineering departments. Her dissertation studies emphasized innovating products that satisfy unmet market needs, and comprehensive stakeholder feedback throughout new product development. More specifically, she worked on the development of catalyst-free microplasma reforming devices. Following the completion of her doctoral studies, Dr. Lennon served as a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Information Sciences Institute (ISI), at the University of Southern California. At ISI she worked on a variety of research projects including customer behavior studies related to the smart grid roll out for the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and port security projects sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security. After completing her first postdoctoral appointment Liz returned to Stevens as a postdoctoral researcher in the Center for Decision Technologies working on efforts with Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime (CSR) Commerce, to advance information visualization for enhanced decision support of new vessel tracking technologies. She is happy to provide insights into post graduation career transitions.

Dr. Wei Xu
Dr. Wei Xu received his master degree in Materials science from Xi’an jiaotong University of China in 2005. He joined Prof. Choi’s group in ME department at Stevens in 2007 and started the research about micro- and nanofabrication, surface wetting, and self-assembly of nanomaterials. He received his Ph.D. in 2012. After that, he joined Prof. Yang’s group as a research associate and working on the research of using smart polymer for droplet manipulation.


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MRS Mentoring Program Announcement

Dear MRS University Chapter Member,I am writing to invite you to apply to be a mentee in MRS’s newly-launched Mentoring Program.
MRS is dedicated to helping graduate students, women, and underrepresented minorities advance in their materials research careers. Providing assistance in matching you to a seasoned materials science professional is one way we can help.The Mentoring Program will match graduate student Mentees with Mentors who will provide guidance to the Mentee over the course of a year. The Mentor will communicate regularly with you, provide constructive support and feedback, provide encouragement, foster networks, and guide you in other areas that will contribute your future success.
Working with a personal Mentor will allow you to benefit from the experience of someone who has broad experience in materials science and who can provide support beyond academics such as is offered by your faculty advisor.The application deadline is November 7th. A kick-off lunch will be held on Tuesday, November 27th as part of the 2012 MRS Fall Meeting and Exhibit. Anyone interested in exploring a mentoring relationship is welcome to attend the lunch, but space is limited and you should RSVP as soon as possible:

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For complete details and to apply, visit the MRS website. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact Michele Feder at MRS Headquarters, hope you will seriously consider committing to the 12-month MRS Mentoring Program. It is a great opportunity to grow personally and professionally and to jump-start your career!

Sincerely,Magaly Spector, Ph.D.
Chair, MRS Diversity SubcommitteeVP Diversity & Community Engagement, UT Dallas

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