University Policies

Student Code of Conduct

Stevens Institute of Technology is dedicated to providing an environment that reflects its core values of honor, academic integrity, trust, and mutual respect; and which offers opportunities for every student to develop academically, personally and professionally. To this end the conduct of Stevens undergraduate and graduate students is expected to reflect these values. The Student Code of Conduct provides guidance concerning the kinds of expressions that are consistent with Stevens mission and values, and promotes interactions and behaviors appropriate in a higher education community.

The Student Code of Conduct fosters a climate in which all students, faculty, and staff feel safe, and valued. It is applicable in any university owned, operated, leased, controlled or affiliated property, at university sponsored or officially sanctioned activities on or off campus.

While providing a safe and supportive environment, the university complies with State and Federal laws and regulations, and also affords each student the opportunity to exercise certain liberties. In turn students are expected to function as responsible and productive members of the Stevens community – these mutual expectations foster a productive and resourceful learning community.

Graduate Student Handbook

The Office of the Graduate Academics is responsible for maintaining academic records and degree verifications, approval and review of all graduate programs, approval of continuing professional development programs, formulation and review/revisions of graduate academic policies through the Graduate Curriculum Committee, and monitoring graduate student progress.

The Graduate Student Handbook covers a range of topics including: Admissions requirements, credit hour information, grade policies, thesis and dissertation details, degree completion time limits, leaves of absence, study plans, and interdisciplinary programs.