Professional Pathways* is for international students who desire to learn more about the foundational elements needed to prepare for business and professional practices in the United States. Students enrolled in the program will be able to attend two (2) educational workshops each month. Students that attend both workshops will be invited to a private networking event each month that will allow students to practice their skills. 

*The program is free for students to participate in and does not count for any credits.

The Professional Pathways application is now open on Ducksync! Professional Pathways is a program for graduate international students that are looking to gain more experience with professional practices in the United States. Throughout the program, there will be two educational workshops per month and one private networking event. If selected for the program, you will be invited to an Orientation on Thursday September 29th at 12pm. Application closes on September 26th at 12pm. 
Link to application-

If you have any questions, please email the Office of Graduate Student Affairs at