Graduate Student Affairs

Graduate Enrichment Series

What is the Graduate Enrichment Series?

The Graduate Enrichment Series is a certificate program that offers weekly opportunities for students to grow both personally and professionally. These sessions are available to all graduate students at no additional charge and are led by faculty and staff from numerous departments and offices around campus and cover a wide variety of topics. The Spring 2016 GES sessions are listed below!  Check DuckSync for details on this semester’s workshops.

Why should I participate in the Graduate Enrichment Series?

Participating in the Graduate Enrichment Series provides opportunities for individual growth and development. Additionally, students who attend a minimum of 15 sessions will receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the academic year and may request a Co-Curricular Transcript detailing the sessions that they attended. 

What is a Co-Curricular Transcript?

The Co-Curricular Transcript is a verified record of student's involvement used to document experiences gained outside the classroom. The Co-Curricular Transcript can be used to increase a student's marketability to prospective employers and graduate schools, provide speaking points for job interviews, and to showcase leadership experience. The Co-Curricular Transcript is a verifiable university document that bears the Institute's seal. 

To request your Co-Curricular Transcript, log into your Duck Sync account and follow the instructions below:

  1. When logged into your DuckSync account, click on your name at the top right corner of the page.
  2. On the pop-up menu that appears from the right hand side of the screen, click “Involvement”.
  3. On the “Involvement History” page, you can see a record of all activities in which you have been involved.
  4. On the right hand side of the page, click the “Request Official Transcript” button.
  5. Your request will be sent to an administrator for approval.
  6. You will receive a notification once your request has been approved. 

Are Graduate Enrichment Series sessions available online?

A select group of GES sessions will be made available online. Those sessions are indicated below with an asterisk (*). 

Fall 2016 Graduate Enrichment Series sessions:


Resume Writing for the Graduate Student
Tuesday, 9/20, 11AM - 12PM, Bissinger room, Howe Center 4th floor


Google Master: Gain Research Power
Wednesday, 9/21, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Professional Presentations, Including Poster Presentations
Thursday, 9/22, 2 - 3PM, Altorfer A501


Introduction to Academic Publishing
Wednesday, 9/28, Library 204


Preparing to Publish (Abstracts) 
Thursday, 9/28, 2-3 pm, Altorfer A501


Options for Gaining Career Related Experience
Tuesday, 10/4, 11 am-12 pm, Bissinger, Howe Center 4th Floor


Social Media and Communication
Wednesday, 10/5, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Speaking Clearly for ELL    
Thursday, 10/6, 2 - 3PM, Altorfer A501


Citation Management
Wednesday, 10/12, 3 - 4PM, Library 204


Grammar for ELL
Thursday, 10/13, 2 - 3 PM, Altorfer A501


Marketing Yourself: Communicating your Message to Employers
Tuesday, 10/18, 11AM - 12PM, Bissinger, Howe Center 4th floor


Thesis/Dissertation Formatting
Wednesday, 10/19, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Academic Vocabulary Building
Thursday, 10/20, 2 - 3PM, Altorfer A501


Interviewing Types and techniques for the Professional
Tuesday, 10/25, 11AM - 12PM, Bissinger, Howe Center 4th Floor


Open Access and Scholarly Communication
Wednesday, 10/26, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Literature Review
Thursday, 10/27, 2 - 3PM, Altorfer A501


Job Search Strategies
Tuesday, 11/1, 11AM - 12PM, Babbio 122


Image Searching and Citation
Wednesday, 11/2, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Professional Expectations
Tuesday, 11/8, 11AM - 12PM, Bissinger, Howe Center 4th floor


Social Networking for Researchers
Wednesday, 11/9, 2 - 3PM, Library 204


Advanced Interviewing
Tuesday, 11/5, 11AM -12PM, Bissinger, Howe Center 4th Floor


Prepare for the Career Fair
Friday, 12/2, 12 - 1PM, Fielding, Howe Center 3rd floor


Prepare for the Career Fair
Friday, 12/2, 2 - 4PM, Fielding, Howe Center 3rd floor


Graduate Student Orientation to Castle Point Careers (CPC)
Monday, 12/5, 12 - 1PM, Fielding, Howe Center 3rd floor