Graduate Student Clubs & Organizations

The Office of Graduate Student Affairs at Stevens Institute of Technology invites all graduate students to participate and engage in club activities. Graduate student clubs organize speaker series, cultural presentations, and student networking opportunities for the Stevens community.

Becoming involved is a great way to enhance your collegiate experience and acquire important skills such as team building, leadership, communication, and time management. 

There are a variety of cultural and academic clubs comprised of students from diverse countries and backgrounds. With 20 different clubs, you are bound to find something that meets your needs, but if not then you can always start a new one! Visit Graduate DuckSync through your MyStevens Account for more information on clubs and organizations.

How to begin an Academic / Cultural / Professional club

Students who want to start a new club in the Graduate School should contact the Office of Graduate Student Affairs (OGSA). The process is as follows:

Contact OGSA on the 7th floor of the Howe Center or at
Share your idea for the club including the club purpose, membership, and activities.
Once verbally approved, complete a Request for Recognition Form for the club to submit to the Graduate Student Council.

Once the Graduate Student Council has approved the organization, an election of officers will need to be held. All clubs must have at least 10 members including a President, Secretary, Treasurer (with completed Club Officer Form), and a Faculty/Administrative Advisor (with completed Advisor Consent Form). All officers must be in good academic standing with a 3.0 GPA, currently enrolled in Stevens, and be in good standing with judicial affairs.

Within the first semester of being active, the club will need to submit a written constitution and bylaws to the OGSA. The mission, purpose, and membership of clubs should be unique to that club.

Clubs may request funding once the club leaders have submitted the officers and club registration requirements to GSC and after GSC approves them as an official graduate student club.

Please review the Graduate Student Life Handbook (Graduate_Student_Club_Handbook_2018_2019) for more policies and guidelines regarding student clubs and events. Relevant documents and forms, including a Sample Constitution, can be found in the Handbook and/or on DuckSync, under All Graduate Students at Stevens > Files > Club/Organization Documents. Further questions about how to start a new Graduate Student Club may be directed to OGSA at